The 14 Day Demo lets you try the program for 14 days to compare against other programs.

This Demo has not been updated in several years and does not contain the latest updates.

The updated program has fixes to several problems and has some features that help with calculations.


The Presentation Mode is being removed from the program, it has been replaced with a method that is easier to use.  I would suggest not using this option, the latest version has a method to replace the Presentation Mode.



The password is BMWL-200-DEMO

Create a new directory (name doesn't matter) and save the setup.exe, readme.txt  file into the new directory.

Download The Bean Machine Demo -setup.exe file (2 meg)

Download the Manual BMW-man.pdf  (3.2 meg)

Next run the setup.exe file - the password is BMWL-200-DEMO

(Note: you may get an error for a missing readme.txt file, just ignore it).